Cantine Leonardo da Vinci – Leonardo Chianti, Tuscany, Italy 2009

A co-operative of thirty farms, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci was established in 1961 – at the time only selling wine by the barrel. In 1971 they launched two bottles: the white, Collebello, has since been confined to the annuls of history, however the red, Leonardo Chianti, is still going strong.

Though the stated blend of 85% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot and 5% “other red grapes” may be a tad non-specific – don’t be deterred by the poor choice of wording on the label.

Initially, rich and silky red in the glass – light reveals a clear, intensely bright colour. On the nose, plenty of fresh dark cherries, mixed with spice and a touch of pepper.

On the palate, a smooth and open freshness of light fruit, a little lean perhaps, but made up for by a long late finish of fine tannins.

A very drinkable wine, not overly complex but a lot of fun.

Having a quick and easy pasta dish tonight? Leonardo Chianti is the perfect accompaniment.

€7 – €9 / £7.50 – £9

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  1. D' Vine Wine Time’s avatar

    Great Post! I’ve enjoyed this wine b/4 and agree – good find for Value on Italian Chianti.
    D’Vine Wine Time

    1. The Drinking Man’s avatar

      Thank you – yes the Leonardo is an unexpectedly pleasant find, the tale of which can be read about here:

    2. sandi’s avatar

      i am desperately trying to find this wine from a bottle shop in the u.s. , but alas, cannot. anyone know if it is imported into the u.s. at all?

      1. The Drinking Man’s avatar

        Hi Sandi,

        I spent the morning searching for suppliers in the US for you and this wine is indeed quite a tough guy to track down. I have found one promising result – Mission Wine & Spirits, there isn’t too much detail on the site but it appears they sell both the Leonardo Classico and Riserva.

        I had more success searching for the vineyard’s other range “Da Vinci” (also very tasty). If you search “Cantine Leonardo” on you’ll find a decent list of suppliers (both on-line and physical stores). If you contact a store in your area that stocks the Da Vinci there is a high probability that they will also be able to order the Leonardo for you.

        Good luck and Cheers!

        1. Sandi’s avatar

          Thanks so much john! I contacted mission and they don’t import it. I finally contacted the winery in Italy, and alas, they don’t export it! Sad beyond words.

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